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Riding on a Highway

Test drive

If you are seriously interested, you can take a test ride on your chosen bike!

Test drive conditions


The customer deposits his valid driver's license or other official identification.

The agreement will be kept for 3 months.

In our GDPR statement, the customer can see how we handle personal data.

The customer receives the motorcycle on loan for a maximum of 45 minutes.

The motorcycle remains the property of the motorcycle company.

The customer must return the motorcycle to the motor company Een Goeie Motor no later than 45 minutes after the stated start date and time of the loan period.

Test drive is from the motor company Een Goeie Motor to the motor company Een Goeie Motor, so without an intermediate stop (except for any necessary refueling).

The purpose of the test / test ride is to determine whether the motorcycle meets expectations.

Testing / trying out must be done within the rules of the law.

If the customer commits violations resulting in fines, these will be passed on to the customer.

The motorcycle is third party insured (this means that if the customer causes damage with this motorcycle to other people's belongings or to persons, this IS covered by our third party insurance).

Damage can be recovered from the customer if it appears that this is due to reckless driving behavior of the customer (such as: wheely's, emergency stops for no apparent reason and driving faster than

the permitted maximum speed on site).

The motorcycle is NOT all-risk or Casco insured (this means that when the customer causes damage through his own fault to himself, any passenger and to the borrowed motorcycle, this is NOT insured and the costs are for the account of the customer).

When driving with an HH license plate (green plate), the customer must limit himself, in connection with the legal regulations, to testing / trying out the motorcycle.

This means, among other things, that it is prohibited to park the motorcycle in a publicly accessible place.

HH license plates are not valid abroad.

The customer will receive the original registration certificate of the HH license plate and will hand it over to the motor company Een Goeie Motor upon return.

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